How do I control what reading I share?


You can control the reading data you share by adjusting your reading list.

1. If you want to stop sharing with Ponder, simply click "Logout" to the right of the greeting at the top right of your activity feed.

You will not be able to create reading responses nor will your reading activity be shared until you log back in. 

2. You can also change on which specific sites your reading is shared. Click "Settings" on the top right of the activity feed.

3. Click the class you want manage on the left of your settings panel.

4. Select/deselect the websites you wish to share - green means share!


5. Click "Save"!


Note: For articles that are not on the reading list, you will only see other students' responses in-line on the article if you click to access it from the activity feed. To see them, turn on (set green) that site on your reading list.

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