How is reading measured?


Reading is measured in several ways. For each document, Ponder measures the number of words in the document and the amount of time you spend reading it.

Ponder also looks at the distribution of the documents you read across different domains. These metrics contribute to the breadth vs depth position of your bubble, as well as the size of your bubble.




If you are concerned because Ponder doesn't seem to be measuring your reading, consider the following:

  • Ponder will only measure reading if you have the client installed. In either Chrome or Firefox, or you are using the iOS client.
  • Ponder will only measure reading on documents that are within the scope of your groups' reading lists. If the P to the right of your address bar is striped ( instead of dark purple (purple19.png), then Ponder doesn't think you are on the reading list, and is not measuring your reading. There are two possible reasons for this:
  • And no, Ponder doesn't consider a document read because you clicked the link to it. Did you actually read the whole document? :-)



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