Trouble creating micro-response on NY Times in Chrome on a Windows touch screen?


Google Chrome has a bug that occurs on touch screen Windows machines where mouse clicks and selections sometimes get interpreted as touch taps and swipes. It doesn't seem to be a problem on all sites, just ones that have implemented touch-specific navigation - one particular example of this is on the New York Times ( The bug does not happen in Firefox, so if you don't want to disable these settings, you can just switch to Firefox to create your Ponder micro-responses.

If you try to select text on NYT in Chrome, and instead you see an arrow and preview of an adjacent article, you are experiencing this problem. (See example screenshot below)

The issue is that Chrome seems unable to differentiate between mouse inputs and touch inputs automatically. Luckily, you can disable the automatic detection by changing some settings buried in the experimental part of Chrome "labs".

1. Type chrome://flags in your address bar

2. Search for "Touch Optimized UI" and "Enable touch events" and change the settings to "disabled". There are several other touch-related settings here which you may also want to investigate.

You should now be able to make micro-responses normally on NYT.


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