Troubleshooting: Print non-QR code exams


Last Updated: October 2023


Intended Audience: School staff who may need to print the version of an exam without any Ponder Paper QR codes on them. 


Context: Only if recommended by IT, please use the steps below to print non-QR code versions of an exam


Ponder bar thin.png


How to print non-Paper versions of an exam without any QR codes:

You can do this by going to your school's Ponder Paper page.

Click on the exam name you need to print.

Once expanded, click on “Download original”

download orig.png

Print a copy to your printer. Make additional copies as needed.

Important Note: that these non-QR code exams cannot be scanned into Ponder Paper, so any students who take this version will be missing in the Ponder Paper site.


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