Ordering & Setting up your Fobs


Last updated: November 2023 

Intended Audience: IT and School Ops who create new fobs to use with the Ponder Paper scanner

Context: After setting up your scanners, this article shows how to order and setup fobs. These fobs are used to log into the scanner. Please refer to this article on how to replace a lost fob. 


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Step 1

Ordering fobs & labelling:


RFID fobs are used to log into the scanner. Ponder recommends ordering enough fobs for all school staff that will be scanning. An example is this set of 50 fobs: here 



Ponder also recommends labelling each fob with the staff members name. For example, using these 1 inch round Avery labels. The template for this particular label is found here and can be edited via the Mail Merge wizard in Word. 


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Step 2

Admin account access

After completing step 1, please reach out to your IT Support team to access the login credentials for these 2 websites and bookmark them:

  • EasyNXConnect: Here
  • PaperStream NXManager: Here

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Step 3

Creating User Accounts 

  1. Log into EasyNXConnect 
  2. Click User Accounts on the left hand menu:step 1-UA - Copy.jpg
  3. Click "Configure Users"step 3 - CU.jpg
  4. There are 2 options to add users:
    • Option 1 (recommended): Adding users via a bulk upload
    • Option 2: Adding a user individually 


➡️ Option 1 (recommended) To bulk upload users:

1. Click 'Import User Excel' - this will automatically download the Excel sheet template:

step 4 - import user excel.jpg

Check your Downloads for the Userdata.xlsx template:step 4 - download.jpg


2. Open the template and enter the following data into the sheet

The required fields you must enter are:

  • Username
    • Use the staff member's email
    • For example: thisis.anexample@ponder.co
    • Important: Verify that there is no typo in the staff member's email address
  • FirstName:
    • For example: Thisis
  • LastName:
    • For example: Anexample
  • Email
    • Use the staff member's email again
    • For example: thisis.anexample@ponder.co

Note: Leave the HomeFolder and NFCCardId columns blank

3. After writing your upload file, check for:

  • Check if all staff have an email address. If no email available, remove them from the file for now. Once they receive an email address, import them using the import single user instructions (Here).
  • Check if staff have any extra words/phrases in their name e.g. "Cookie Monster (On Leave)". Remove the extra phrases and using only their first and last name, "Cookie" and "Monster".
  • Check and include if staff have any hyphens or prefix in their last name. e.g. "Oscar The-Grouch" or "Big Bird Jr."

4. Save the file as Excel Workbook .xlsx

Screenshot 2023-10-03 180415.png

5. Next, return to EasyNXConnect and upload the template by clicking on 'Choose File' and 'Import'

step 5 - import.jpg

6. If you get an "invalid file type" error, try re-saving the file locally such as to your desktop. Then re-upload. 


➡️Option 2: To Add individual users 

1. Note: It is helpful to use this option when one-off new staff join throughout the schoolyear. To replace a lost fob, do not use these steps, instead use this article (here).

2. Click "Create user"

step 4 - create user.jpg

3. Enter the staff member's full email address in both the username and email fields

Important: Verify that there is no typo in the staff member's email address

4. Enter their first name and last name

5. Under User Role, choose "Users"

6. Under Language, choose "English

7. Once filled out, click "Create User" 

step 7 - create user.jpg



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Step 4 

Link the user to their job group

Context: Now that user accounts were created, you now have to add staff into a permission group. This allows the scanner to know which staff members can use the scanner.  

1. Log into PaperStream NX Manager 

2. Click on "Job Group" in the left-hand menu

step 10 - job group.jpg

3. Hover over the row titled "Paper Prod" and click on "Edit"

step 10 - paper prod edit.jpg


4. To the right of User List, click on "Add"

step 11 - user list add.jpg


5. Select your users:

  • Option 1 (recommended):
    • Scroll to the bottom of the user list. Your new users should appear at the very bottom of this list.
    • Check the box for each staff member you added (you can use your upload template as a reference).
  • Option 2:
    • Search for the users you added (note: hitting return will not search - you need to click the search button, sometimes twice).
    • Check the box for each staff member you added (you can use your upload template as a reference).
step 13 - select users.jpg


6. Once all selected, click "OK" 

step 13 - ok.jpg


7. The users will now appear in the user list

8. Important: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the user list and click "Complete"

step 13 - complete.jpg


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Step 5 

Link the user to their fob

Important: Complete this step after your scanner is setup. Please have 1 scanner powered on and nearby. 


Context: Now that you've created the staff member's online account and given them the a permission group, you will now activate their fob using your scanner. 


1. Return to EasyNXConnect 

2. While still on the the User Accounts page, click "Map NFC ID"

step 14 - map NFC ID.jpg


3. Select the name of the scanner you will be using:

Note: if you have multiple scanners, just 1 scanner is needed for this step

step 15 - select scanner.jpg


4. One by one, search for the new user, and select the circle for that user

step 18 - select user.jpg


5. When you see the page below, pickup a new fob and hover it over the square icon on the scanner (see photo below):

On your computer:

step 19.jpg

On your scanner:

mapping a key fob.jpg


6. This should give you an error message on the scanner that reads "Authentication failed". This is an expected message. Click on the "Ok" button.

authentication failed.jpg


7. On your computer, the screen will quickly flash a green pop up message confirming that the fob was successfully mapped to a user


8. You can also confirm by scrolling to the right and checking that you see the user's new fob ID appearempty id to created id.jpg


9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for each new user.

10. Troubleshooting: to check if a fob is activated or not

  • If you scan the fob and it is correctly activated and ready for scanning, you will see this message with the "Scan" button:

ready to scan.png

  • If you scan the fob and it is already mapped but missing a job group, you will see this message, "A job is not specified":
fob error - job not specified.jpg

  • If you scan the fob and it is not mapped (a completely blank fob), you will see this message, "Unique_Id":
fob error - unique id.jpg




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