Troubleshooting: Replacing a lost fob


Last Updated: September 2023


Intended Audience: IT and School Ops who create new fobs to use with the Ponder Paper scanner


Context: Staff members may lose their scanner fobs from time to time. This article shows how to replace a lost fob. For instructions on how to setup fobs for all staff as part of onboarding, please refer to the Ordering & Setting Up Fobs article. 


1. Have a new blank fob on hand.

2. Have 1 scanner powered on and nearby. 

3. Log into EasyNXConnect 

4. Click "User Accounts" on the left hand menu:



5. Click "Configure Users"

6. Search for the user (note that their original Fob ID is currently there. 
lost fob 1.jpg
7. Click on the pencil icon to edit their profile
8. Click on the red "Unmap NFC ID" buttonlost fob 2.jpg
9. In the pop-up, click "Yes" to confirm
lost fob 3.jpg
10. Note: Their NFC Card ID is now blank
lost fob 4.jpg
11. Next, click on "Map NFC ID" and select the circle for that user

12. When you see the page below, pickup a new fob and hover it over the square icon on the scanner (see photo below):

On your computer:

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 9.44.11 AM.png

On your scanner:

mapping a key fob.jpg


13. This should give you an error message on the scanner that reads "Authentication failed". This is an expected message. Click on the "Ok" button.

1 After first mapping the fob.jpg


14. On your computer, the screen will quickly flash a green pop up message confirming that the fob was successfully mapped to a user



15. You can also confirm by scrolling to the right and checking that you see the user's new fob ID appear

This photo shows the old ID, the deleted ID, and the new ID:

lost fob 6.jpg


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