Running a Scanner Test (part 2)


Last Updated: September 2023

Intended Audience: Schools Ops who setup their scanner

Context: The instructions in this article are to be completed after setting up your scanner (the setup scanner article is found here). This page covers how to fill out and scan in test pages to ensure your scanner is properly setup. 


If you encounter any issues throughout this test, please email 



Printing the test pages:

1. Go to this document and print out the 4 pages double sided and not stapled. 

2. Ensure that page 4 is entirely blank.


Filling out the test pages:

1. Using a pencil (recommended) or pen, fill out the fields on all 3 pages 

  • Today’s Date: 
    • For example: 9/19/23
  • School:
    • For example: LPOH-MA
  • Scanner Name:
    • For example: 404-MathTWR
    • The name should be found on the top left corner of the scanner screen
  • Name of Staff Scanning in This Page:
    • For example: Gaby Ochoa


Scanning in your test pages:

1. Once you filled out all 3 pages, you are ready to scan them in!

2. Have your Ponder Paper fob on hand (your DOO or Ops team may have it)

3. Place the test pages in the scanner feeder (extend the wings of the Chuter Unit as needed)

4. Using your fob, hover over the square. This will log you in and show "Logging in..."

scanner test 1.png

scanner logging in.jpg

5. Click on "Scan"

6. The test pages will be pulled into the scanner and come out on the bottom tray. 

7. Click on the exit icon

scanner exit icon.jpg


Confirming your test pages:

1. Go to the Uncommon Ponder Paper website: 

2. Sign in with your Google Account

sign in page.jpg

3. Once logged in, on the main menu click on "Scan log"

scan log main menu.jpg

4. Use "Scanned by" to search for your name 

scan log search.jpg

5. Click on the red square.

Note, the scanner may exclude your blank page which is expected behavior. So the red square may show a number 3 or number 4 (as the photo shows).

Once clicked, it will expand and show you a square with a red border for each of the pages.

scan log squares.jpg

6. Click into each square and one by one, using the right hand pane, view each page to confirm that it matches the test pages you scanned in. 

scan log correct.jpg


7. If all correct, you're all done! If incorrect, please email your support team for further assistance.



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