Setting up your Scanner (part 1)


Last Updated: September 2023


Intended Audience: School Ops who are setting up their Ponder Paper scanner for the first time. 


Context: How to unpack and setup your brand new Ponder Paper scanner. After setup, use the article on how to scan in the test pages (link here).


Video covering the setup instructions below: VIDEO IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION


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Scanner setup

1. After ordering and receiving your scanner, begin the setup process. 

2. Important notes:

  • Ponder Paper uses the Fujitsu fi-7300nx scanner
  • After setup, safely store the box and all packaging
  • After completing these steps, the scanners can be unplugged and moved as needed and won't lose their setup information.

3. Items you will need to setup your new scanner:

  • A flat surface for your scanner that is close to an outlet and an ethernet port (and spacious enough to fit a paper cutter next to it or close by)
  • 1 - ethernet cable that is long enough to cover the distance from the scanner to your ethernet wall port
  • 1 - scissor to cut open the box
  • 1 - Ponder Paper scanner sticker (if available)
  • 1 - printed copy of the scanner test pages (print this 4 page document double sided)
  • 1 - pencil or pen
  • 1 - Ponder Paper fob 

4. Open the box.

5. Take out the slim box, label it "Ponder Paper scanner accessories" and store it in a safe location e.g. tech closet. This box includes a CD with the user manual and a USB cable for software updates so it will not be needed at the moment. 

6. Take out and unwrap the power cord that comes in 2 parts, an AC Cable and an AC Adapter. As an example and if a replacement is ever needed, this is part 1 and this is part 2. Connect the two pieces together. 

7. Take out and unwrap the Chuter Unit (the plastic piece that holds the packets up to feed into the scanner). Remove any tape. 

8. Take out and unwrap the scanner. Remove any tape. on the device. 

9. Pick up your Chuter Unit and clip it into the back of the scanner. Open the wings all the way so that a regular sized packet (8.5 X 11) can fit.

chuter unit.jpg

10. Pick up with power cord and connect it to the back of the scanner. Connect the plug into an outlet. 

IMG_1126 (1).jpg

11. Pick up your ethernet cord and connect it to the back of the scanner. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable into an internet port. 

12. If available, apply the Ponder Paper scanner sticker to the front of your scanner:

scanner sticker.png

13. Towards the top left corner of the screen, ensure that the sliding button is set to multi-page:

scanner multi page setting.png



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Scanner Setup Continued

The following steps will walk you through how to connect your new scanner to the network:

The goals of the instructions below is to:

  • Tell the scanner to use ethernet (NOT wifi)
  • Point the scanner to the scan server at
  • Give the scanner a name so that it’s possible to tell at which school the scanner is located

Note: The screens when a scanner is turned on for the first time may vary somewhat. The below screens might not exactly match what you see. Please keep this in mind and if you need support, email 


1. Hit the power button on the front of your scanner 

2. Set language as "English"


3. Select "Next"


4. Important step, do not use wifi: Select "No"


5. Select "Wired LAN" 


6. Select "Start"


7. Select "Next"


8. Toggle on the Enable button and select "Next"


9. Select "Encryption off" and select "Next"


10. Select "Next"


11. Click on "Do not use", in the menu choose "Private Server" 


12. In the “Host name” box type in then "OK" and select “Check Connection”


13. In the pop up, select "OK"


14. Select "Next"


15. Click on "Fast" and then select "Next"


16. Under Scanner Name:

Click to edit the current scanner name.

Using the keyboard, delete the current scanner name.

Now you will give the scanner a new name using the format: schoolId-room-# 

  • Enter your PowerSchool school_number (for example LPOHMA is 404) See section below if you do not know your PowerSchool school number. 
  • Then the dash symbol -
  • Then the room where the scanner is (for example, stemtwr, elatwr)
  • Then the dash symbol -
  • Then the number 1, 2, etc. depending on how many printers you'll keep in that room

If you do not know your PowerSchool school_number:

Once logged into your PowerSchool site, if you click on the top right drop down location menu, to the left of your school name I'll see the PowerSchool school_number. For example:

PS School ID.jpg


Scanner name example:

If school LPOH-MA (PS school number: 404) has 4 scanners, two for each teacher work room, their names could be:

  • 404-mathtwr-1
  • 404-mathtwr-2
  • 404-elatwr-1
  • 404-elatwr-2

Click "OK"

Then click “Next”


17. Select "Complete"


18. The screen will now look like this


19. After setup, please safely store the box and all packaging. 


Next, continue onto this article to run a scanner test.


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