Downloading and Printing Assessments (SCHOOLS)


Intended Audience: For schools who print Ponder Paper assessments.

Last Updated: November 2023

Context: Printing Ponder Paper assessments require a special tool because each assessment is unique to each student. Therefore, to help staple the assessments correctly and efficiently, we created the Ponder Paper Print Tool app. The app has the ability to read the embedded information within each PDF link and automatically staple the assigned number of pages when printing.





1. While logged in your school computer and on your org-wide network, open File Explorer and enter this location to open the zip folder: \\\Ponder


2. Download the app  

3. Once downloaded, you might see this message appear, click Run:

pop up.png

  • If you see this pop up appear, click the little arrow next to Discard, select Keep.
  • Install the downloaded file. You might be prompted with the following security popup, Select More Info, and Run Anyway.
  • Note: If you see the following error message, please ensure you are on the Uncommon wifi and have access to the Uncommon network folders. If yes, then please restart your computer and repeat these steps again:

      error msg 1.png

4. Next, save the file as a shortcut:

    • While still in the folder, right click, choose create shortcut:


5. Then select yes as is shown in the popup below:


  • Important Note: Please ensure your shortcut came from the network folder (not from copying the file to your desktop). This is because, your shortcut will always point to the latest version of the application. This helps keep the application automatically updated.  



1. To navigate within the PPP app, use your Arrow Keys, Enter Key and Backspace Key 

2. Select Run a print test 

3. Select <Add a printer>

4. Enter the printer IP

    • To find your printer IP, go to your printer select Machine Status. (This process may be different for non-Xerox printers. Contact Ricoh or Ponder to help find the IP Address.) 
    • Type in the IPv4 Address shown on your printer

5. Enter a name for the printer

For example, LPBVtwr-whitney, LPBVtwr-beyonce

6. Print a test page by hitting Y key then Enter


Ponder bar thin.png



  1. To navigate to the Downloading PDF Page, login to Paper, select School view

    Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 5.08.03 PM.png

  2. Enter the school name and assessment name, click Generate PDFs for printing
    Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 4.51.45 PM.png

  3. You should see the generated assessments in blue. Click the Download button on the top-right hand corner to go to the Download page.
    Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 4.28.46 PM.png

  4. On the Download Page, copy the link of the PDF you want to print. 
    image (3).png

  5. Open the print app. Make sure the version is 0.4.2 or above. Click Print a PDF.
    Screenshot 2023-10-10 125459.png

  6. Select the printer you've previously added. To add a new printer, go to the top of this article.
    image (2).png

  7. Paste the link by right-clicking on the print app [note: do not use the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut, use your mouse or trackpad only]
    image (4).png

  8. Select Test to test printing 2 packets first. Confirm the printer received and completed this test print job.
  9. Next, use one of two options to print: select the Chunk or All option.
    - Use the "Chunk" option if you want your printer to print a certain number of packets at a time. This option is helpful if the PDF is too large to print in 1 print job. This will instead send multiple mini print jobs to the printer all at once (e.g. for IAs)  
    - Use the "All" option if you want your printer to print all packets in one print job. This option is helpful if the PDF is smaller and can be printed in 1 print job (e.g. PPQs) 
  10. Repeat Step 4-9 for all the packets you need to print.

  11. Once printed make sure of the following: 
    • Check that the first page of first packet matches the listed QR code
      • This is to verify that the correct assessment is being packed
    • Check that the first page of the second packet matches the listed QR code
      • This is to verify that the substapling is done at the correct pages 
    • Check that the last page of the last packet matches the QR code
      • This is to verify that we have completed the print job for the assessment

check QR code - ponder site.png

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