Ordering & setting up the Ponder Paper cutter & guide


Last Updated: September 2023

Intended Audience: Schools Ops

Context: Below are instructions on how to order and setup the Ponder Paper cutter and guide. This equipment cuts off the corners of a packet so that all staples are removed in one step. Please note, stapled packets cannot go into the scanner or else the scanner will malfunction (see troubleshooting article if this occurs). 

Please contact support@ponder.co if you have any setup issues. 


Video showing the instructions below is found here.


Ponder bar thin.png


Cutter ordering

1. For schoolyear 23-24, Ponder Paper users will be utilizing the Vevor Guillotine Paper Cutter 12"

2. Order the Vevor paper cutter here

3. There is also an option on Amazon, although it costs slightly more than on the Vevor site (as of Sept. 2023) 

4. If not already available, order a screw driver. We recommend this one from Amazon. 


Guide ordering:

1. For schoolyear 23-24, Ponder Paper will be delivering 2 guides to your school. One for use and the second as a spare:

guide - top view.jpg


Ponder bar thin.png


Cutter setup 

1. Important notes: After setup, safely store the box and all packaging

2. Cutter location: find a flat surface that is close to the Ponder Paper scanner, for example: 

3. Items you will need to setup your new scanner:

  • A flat surface for your cutter that is close to the scanner(s) - see example photo below
  • 1 - scissor to cut open the box
  • 1 - screwdriver 
  • 1 - Ponder provided metal cutter guide 
  • A stack of paper (approximately 40 pages) you can use to test the cutter 

scanners with cutter and guide.jpg

4. Open the box.

5. Take out the instruction manual. Store this in a safe location. 

6. Locate the cutting bar and place it on it's side (red lock ball facing up, see photo below). Locate the bag with screws and place 4 screws underneath each hole:

cutting bar.png

7. Locate the cutting base and align it over the 4 holes in the cutting bar, see photos below:

cutter bar and base 1.png

cutter bar and base 2.png

8. Locate the bag with screws and take out 4 washers and 4 bolts. 

9. Use one hand to hold the screw up through the hole:

1 hold the screw.png

10. Place a washer

2 place a washer.png

11. Place a bolt on top 

3 place a bolt and tighten.png

12. For now, tighten it until it is sturdy but not entirely firm.

13. Repeat for the other 3 screws. 

14. Locate the little bag of tools. Take out the wrench and the middle sized hex key (see photo):


15. Place the hex key underneath the screw to hold the screw steady. Then use the wrench to tighten the bolt (see photo). Repeat to tighten all 4 bolts. 

hex and wrench.png

16. Lay the cutter right side up:

cutter up.png

17. Locate the cutter wheel. Slightly unscrew the wheel screw. Align the screw in the wheel with the hole in the wheel handle, see photo below:

align wheel screw.png

18. Use a screw driver to attach the wheel, see photo below:

screw the wheel.png

19. Pull out the handle from inside the wheel, see photo below:

wheel handle.png

20. Locate the cutting handle and place it into the cutting bar head, see photo below:


21. Your cutter is now setup:

cutter setup.jpg


Ponder bar thin.png

Guide setup 

1. Locate your metal Ponder cutter guide:

guide - top view.jpg

2. Slide the guide on top of your cutter so that the arrows point towards the blade, see photo below:

cutter with guide.png

3. The guide is intended to slide to different parts of the blade for cleaner cuts as the blade ages. 


Ponder bar thin.png


Testing the cutter: 

1. Unwind the wheel to raise the clamp all the way up.

2. Place a stack of paper in the guide.

3. Slide the guide to be flush against the blade:

papers 1.png

4. Turn the wheel so that the clamp drops and is firmly holding your stack in place:


5. With one hand, pull the red ball to unlock the blade.

6. With your other hand, grab the cutter handle and bring down the blade in one quick movement:

lock and handle.png

7. Important: Raise the cutter handle back up, let go of the red lock ball and ensure the blade is locked upright. 

8. Turn the wheel to unwind the clamp:

unwind wheel.png

9. Remove your now cut corner papers from the guide:

cut papers.png

10. Examine the corners to ensure all staples were cut off. 

11. Repeat as needed. 


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