Operations: Printing with Ponder Paper Print Tool


This article explains how to print Ponder Paper PDF documents using the Ponder Paper Print tool (PPP). The screenshots below are from PPP version: v0.1.10.



If you have previously used Ponder Paper Print tool on your computer, skip to Step 3. 

  1. Download PPP (one time setup only)
  2. Add a printer and print a test page (one time setup only)
  3. Print your Ponder Paper PDF document


1. Download PPP

  • Log into Google Drive with your school account and download the tool from here
  • Once downloaded, click the little arrow next to Discard, select Keep.
  • Install the downloaded file. If you are prompted with security popups, Select More Info, and Run Anyway.
  • In your Downloads folder, move the ponderpaperprint.exe to your Desktop for easy access in the future.

2. Add a printer and print a test page (one time setup only)

  • To navigate within the PPP app, use your Arrow Keys, Enter Key and Backspace Key 
  • Select Run a print test 
  • Select <Add a printer>
  • Enter the printer IP
    • To find your printer IP, go to your printer select Machine Status (this process may be different for non-Xerox printers)
    • Type in the IPv4 Address shown on your printer
    • Enter a name for the printer
    • Print a test page by hitting Y key then Enter

3. Print your Ponder Paper PDF document

  • Open ponderpaperprint.exe
    • Select Print a PDF
    • Select the the printer you previously added
    • Download your Ponder Paper assessment
      • On the Ponder Paper website, select the assessment you want to print
      • Select Download 1 PDF per class — you must download this option because the file will have embedded information on the number of pages to sub-staple
    • Drag the downloaded PDF into the PPP window

    • Hit Enter
      • The print job should show up on your printer. It may take a few minutes before the printer starts printing depending on the size of your PDF (for a 180 page document, the printer should take about 2 minutes before printing). 



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