Generating and printing multi-page assessments


This article explains how to print Ponder Paper PDF documents using the Ponder Paper Print tool (PPP). The screenshots below are from PPP version: v0.1.10.

For context, printing Ponder Paper assessments require a special tool because each assessment is unique to each student. Therefore, to help us staple the assessments correctly and efficiently, we have a special tool, Ponder Paper Print Tool, that reads the embedded information in each PDF and automatically staple the assigned number of pages when printing.



If you have previously used Ponder Paper Print tool on your computer, skip to Step 3. 

  1. Download PPP (one time setup only)
  2. Add a printer and print a test page (one time setup only)
  3. Print your Ponder Paper PDF document


1. Download PPP

  • Log into Google Drive with your school account and download the tool from here
  • Once downloaded, click the little arrow next to Discard, select Keep.
  • Install the downloaded file. If you are prompted with security popups, Select More Info, and Run Anyway.
  • In your Downloads folder, move the ponderpaperprint.exe to your Desktop for easy access in the future.

2. Add a printer and print a test page (one time setup only)

  • To navigate within the PPP app, use your Arrow Keys, Enter Key and Backspace Key 
  • Select Run a print test 
  • Select <Add a printer>
  • Enter the printer IP
    • To find your printer IP, go to your printer select Machine Status (this process may be different for non-Xerox printers)
    • Type in the IPv4 Address shown on your printer
    • Enter a name for the printer
    • Print a test page by hitting Y key then Enter

3. Print your Ponder Paper PDF document

  • Open ponderpaperprint.exe
    • Select Print a PDF
    • Select the the printer you previously added
    • Download your Ponder Paper assessment
      • On the Ponder Paper website, select the assessment you want to print
      • Select Download 1 PDF per class — you must download this option because the file will have embedded information on the number of pages to sub-staple
    • Drag the downloaded PDF into the PPP window

    • Hit Enter
      • The print job should show up on your printer. It may take a few minutes before the printer starts printing depending on the size of your PDF (for a 180 page document, the printer should take about 2 minutes before printing). 



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